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In five years, Haiifa Majic Cosmetics has risen to become one of the most renowned beauty  brands in the Middle East and has earned recognition worldwide with millions of satisfied clients relying on us to deliver and serve as we have since day one.

Haiifa Majic Cosmetics is proud to offer a various amount of beauty products and cosmetics ranging from skincare,  cosmetics, and lashes to hair extensions, wigs and contact lenses.

We appreciate the trust as we will  continue to provide quality and standards above all. While venturing on your new beauty journey, or trying new beauty items out of curiosity, Haiifa Majic can promise that our products will not fail you on this journey.

As beauty experts, we make your life a lot less complicated by creating products and an experience catering to your exact beauty needs- delivered right to your doorstep.

Haiifa Majic can be found through numerous sources, whether it’s in our Beauty and Makeup blog or social media. Our regularly updated portal segment is followed up by more than 25 cosmetic agents around the world. These agents are there to assist you and answer any inquiries you might have about beauty, wellbeing, and can even offer cosmetic advice and assist you to creating a makeover, virtually!

On this helpline, our team looks forward to genuinely providing you with assistance and catering to all of your beauty needs

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